King James is the Goat of His Decade

Well the Greatest of All-Time conversation is a never ending one. Who is really the greatest when it comes to basketball? Everybody seems to have an opinion on who is for the GOAT especially the bet meister. Some would say Jordan was, yes, he is. How about Kobe? He is also.

Well you see these 3 are greatest on their time in the NBA. For now, Lebron is the greatest. He will go down in history with the way he is playing. Recently he passed Kobe as the 3rd place on the all-time scoring leaders in the NBA.

Well another argument will say. He has only 3. Yes, he has only 3 but he can win another one with the way he is playing right now. What I admire about him is his longevity. The way he has taken care of himself and how he played at a high level while maintaining healthy.

He is also evolving from being a dunker when he first came onto the league into a jump shooter now. His success as whole is arguably one of the greatest in the history of the league.

Another issue that they also throw Lebron at is how he forms a super team to win a championship. Well my answer to that is that Lebron has this ability to lure other players to play with him. That is a skill of his that is vey helpful. He can form a super team on any team he wants.

It seems like he can do anything off an on the court like the betmeister answers if bovada is legal or not in the usa. That is how good I think he is.

Aside from being great in the court Lebron is a great husband and father to his family. He was not involved in any outside of the marriage mishaps. He is an ever-supportive father to Bronny and even make it sure to attend to his games.

He also helped people from Akron to give them free education. So, whatever team he is on Lebron is worth betting for.

Tennis Fashion

Tennis is a very popular game and what stands out about it is how the players are dressed. They look so fashionable. But wearing the appropriate attire is not only for fashion sake but also the importance of safety.

Tennis players attire is not only focus on how it looks but on it can prevent unnecessary injury to the players. It is also designed for the player to have comfort and most of all it provides the best performance.

Tennis matches are also open for online betting as sites like can provide bonus codes that can be used for free bets on gambling sites.

The Proper Attire

For the head, since it is played outdoor the proper attire is with a hat or a visor. Some also prefers a headband to protect the eyes from glare of the sun. There is no required head gear for tennis you can still opt to have a head gear or not but wearing the gear mentioned above is advisable to protect yourself from getting sun blinded and may result from poor play. A headband can also protect you from sweet getting into your eyes.

For the trunk, both men and women can wear a shirt. A shirt that is made of cotton is highly recommended because it is cooler compared to other fabric. It also offers the best comfort. Some may choose to wear sleeveless but unfortunately some tennis court won’t allow it.

Shirt is usually partnered with shorts for men. Long pants, gym shorts and swimming trunks are not allowed in most countries.

For women tank tops are a popular choice. It is best to choose tank tops that has a built-in bra so that it can ideally support the breast. Bikini and other revealing attires are mostly banned for some courts. They are considered improper.

There is also one-piece tennis attire that are available and can be worn. This type of attire is comfortable, or another option is to wear skirts or skirts with built in shorts.

For the feet, a comfortable tennis shoes with comfortable socks can be worn. It is advised that the shoes should be white soled to protect the surface of the court.

For accessories, you can wear a wrist band. This is helpful to provide support when holding the racquet.