A young and disoriented British soldier is accidentally abandoned by his unit following a riot on the deadly streets of Belfast in 1971.

Eamon: I'm not going to lie to you.
[pauses for several seconds]
Eamon: This is going to hurt like a fucker.
Gary Hook: Hey, listen, I don't want you worried about me, okay? I'll be fine, promise you.
Captain Sandy Browning: [as the lieutanant and corporal barge into his office] Not now, Lieutenant, we're busy.
Lt. Armitage: I wondered if we could help with...
Captain Sandy Browning: [firmly] We are busy, Lieutenant.
Lt. Armitage: I do understand that, sir.
Corporal: [abruptly] Why aren't you out there lookin' for him?
Captain Sandy Browning: What?
Corporal: Why aren't you out there lookin' for him?
Captain Sandy Browning: Who?
Corporal: Hook. Private Hook. You probably know where they're taking...
Captain Sandy Browning: [shouts suddenly and gets up from the desk] Don't you fuckin' dare! I'm your fucking senior officer! Stand up straight!
[glares at the corporal and then says quietly to Armitage]
Captain Sandy Browning: You need to learn to control your men, Lieutenant. I am not here to clean up your fucking mistakes. Your men, your fucking responsibility, not mine.
Captain Sandy Browning, Lt. Armitage: [nervously] I'm asking for your help.
Captain Sandy Browning: [tosses Hook's dog tags to him] There you go. There's my help.
Lt. Armitage: Is he dead?
Captain Sandy Browning: We do not know. The situation is confused, to say the least. Now if you do not mind, we have work to do. Off you go.
C.O.: [after Lt. Armitage told him about Sergeant Leslie Lewis attempt to kill Gary Hook] It was a confused situation. In these circumstances, what you saw, what you think you saw, can be a very different thing to what actually happened. Do you understand?
Lt. Armitage: [Silence] .
C.O.: [firmly] Do you understand?
Lt. Armitage: Yes, sir.
Eamon: [about the army] posh cunts telling thick cunts to kill poor cunts.
Mother in Raided House: For God's sake, will you never leave us alone?

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