In the Tudor court of Elizabeth I, Lord Edmund Blackadder strives to win Her Majesty's favour while attempting to avoid a grisly fate should he offend her.

Baldrick: I've been in your service since I was two and a half, my lord.
Blackadder: Well that is the why I am so utterly sick of the sight of you.
[Percy and Queen Elizabeth are playing frisbee]
Lord Percy: [Catches the frisbee] Howzat.
Queen Elizabeth: Percy, who's Queen?
Lord Percy: [Throws it away] Butterfingers.
Blackadder: Shut up, Balders. You'd laugh at a Shakespeare comedy.
Blackadder: The path of my life is strewn with cowpats from the Devil's own satanic HERD.
Lord Melchett: This is no time for jokes Blackadder, we've been kidnapped!
Blackadder: [remembering that he said 'only real idiots get kindapped'] Ooooh God! How incredibly embarrassing!
Baldrick: Have you got a plan, my lord?
Blackadder: Yes I have, and it's so cunning you could brush your teeth with it.

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