Controversal spoof of current-affairs TV and the role of celebrity in the UK.

Christopher Morris: You're wrong, and you're a grotesquely ugly freak!
Chris Morris: You are a piece of shit on my shoe. Lick yourself off. Lick yourself off my shoe... No, don't actually do it! Where's your self re-cocking-spect?
Christopher Morris: Your child could be splatted... by a roboplegic wrongcock
Ted Maul: Kids burst shops by filling them with rice, and pouring in water: then standing back and laughing, while the bricks are ripped apart by the swelling food.
Moss Staples: Kneeling girls! Statues driving cars! What's going on? Ten years ago a man was arrested in the area for driving statues around in a car. Was it him?
Christopher Morris: You haven't got a clue have you, But you will do.
Christopher Morris: Can you imagine the fear of knowing that there's a gay man on board? You'd be thinking, "My God. Will I wake up and find everybody dead?"
Ted Maul: From the moon, Cowsick's a little dot. From the ground, it's a huge mess! Like Dante meets Bosch in a crack lounge!
Christopher Morris: The most obvious explanation is that it's a ball of lightning bouncing off a strut. But try telling that to any of these bog-brained murphies. You'd have a better chance of getting a blow-job off the pope.
Christopher Morris: If this were really happening, what would you think?

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