The offbeat adventures of Courage, a cowardly dog who must overcome his own fears to heroically defend his unknowing farmer owners from all kinds of dangers and menaces that appear around their land.

Eustace Bagg: Stupid dog! You made me look bad!
[dons an enormous fright mask]
Eustace Bagg: Ooga-booga!
[Courage screams and runs away]
Talking Fish: There's no such thing as perfect, you're beautiful as you are, Courage. With all of your imperfections, you can do anything you want to do!
Courage: There's something fishy goin' on here, or my name is Stinky Looloo, and thank goodness it's not.
Muriel: Courage, you know I can't hear without my glasses...
[repeated line]
Courage: The things I do for love.
Courage: Oooh, I know I'm not gonna like this...
[repeated line]
Eustace Bagg: Stupid dog!
Freaky Fred: Goodbye, dear aunt, I'll miss your farm. And Eustace's eboliant charm. And farewell, Courage, what's the harm? If I was slightly... naughty. With love, Fred.
Shirley the Medium: The stupid one. He's stupid, right?
[repeaed line]
Muriel: Oh, my.
Muriel: [after Eustace slams the bathroom door] I heard a door slam.
[repeated line]
Eustace Bagg: What's... eh?
Eustace Bagg: [rushes out back door into the early evening sunlight oblivious to the purple jam stains as he calls out] Muriel! Where's my dinner?
Muriel: I only wanted to be a good neighbor.
Eustace Bagg: You should have let the neighbors get extinct and make me coffee.
Snowman: Come on, pick the Old Maid. I picked it from you, now you pick it from me. Snowman doesn't want to be the old maid!
Eustace Bagg: Stupid dog! Takes my boot, then leaves a chair in front of my toe.
[repeated line]
Dr. Vindaloo M.D. Quack: Oh, it's nothing to worry about. It's nothing at all. Just keep soaking it.
Eustace Bagg: The door slammed!
[Eustace falls off the top of a flying rocket and floats off into space]
Eustace Bagg: Stupid space!

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