An intelligent high school student goes on a secret crusade to eliminate criminals from the world after discovering a notebook capable of killing anyone whose name is written into it.

Yagami Light: I'll solve equations with my right hand and write names with my left. I'll take a potato chip... and eat it!
L: Kira is childish and hates to lose.
Matsuda: Childish?
Inspector Yagami Sou-ichiroh: and hates to lose?
L: Yes. I'm also childish and hate to lose. That's how I know.
Yagami Light: If we catch Kira, he is evil. If he rules the world, he is justice.
Ryuuku the Death: You have lost, Light. Didn't I say in the beginning, when you die, the one who'll write your name down in a notebook will be me. That is the deal between the Shinigami and the first human to get their hands on the note in the human world. Once you enter prison, I don't know when you'll die. It's annoying to wait. Your life is already over. You'll die here.
Ryuuku the Death: Well, it was good while it lasted. We killed some boredom, didn't we? We did some various and interesting things.
L: Yagami-san, if I die in the next few days, your son is Kira.
L: Whatever you say, I'm still taking your cake.
L: He who attacks first always wins.
L: Please turn off all cell phones, laptop computers and any other transmission equipment and leave them on the table over there.
Matsuda: [mutters] I know he's being cautious from the start, but does he really trust us or not?
L: [overhears] No, I just hate it when cell phones ring when I'm talking.
L: [hit Misa's head with script] Misa-san, I know it's a crappy line but please stop overreacting.
Amane Misa: What? This here is great acting!
L: Yes. Whatever. Please do it again.
Amane Misa: [sulks] Fine, fine, director Ryuzaki.
L: If you don't do it correctly, I'll kick you.
Ryuuku the Death: So you're a college student now, Light. I'm somewhat proud of you.
Ryuuku the Death: This world is...
Yagami Light: Rotten
TV News Reader: It crashed into it! A truck has crashed into the Sakura TV Studios!
L: That is certainly one way of entering without anyone seeing your face.
Amane Misa: Oh, and by the way, Light darling - do you know how to kill a shinigami?
Light Yagami: Did you just call me "darling"?
Amane Misa: Fine, then do you mind if I call you "knight" instead? 'Cause you're like my knight in shining armor, you know.
Light Yagami: [sighs] Let's just stick with "Light."
L: Light-kun, please get Misa to shut up.
Amane Misa: Ah! She smirked at me! Misa is going to break her legs!
Kyosuke Higuchi: Shit! He won't die!

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