Baltimore drug scene, seen through the eyes of drug dealers and law enforcement.

Det. William Moreland: You seem awfully happy today.
Det. Ray Cole: I got laid last night.
Det. William Moreland: Oh yeah? Your asshole still hurt?
[repeated line]
State Sen. R. Clayton 'Clay' Davis: SHIIIIIT
Moreland: I'm just a humble motherfucker with a big-ass dick.
Freamon: You give yourself too much credit.
Moreland: Okay then. I ain't that humble.
[repeated line]
Omar: All in the game yo, all in the game.
[repeated line]
Det. James 'Jimmy' McNulty: What the fuck did I do?
Freamon: A life, Jimmy, you know what that is? It's the shit that happens while you're waiting for moments that never come.
Avon Barksdale: I ain't no suit-wearin' businessman like you... you know I'm just a gangsta I suppose...
Det. William Moreland: Boy, them Greeks and those twisted-ass names.
Det. James 'Jimmy' McNulty: Man, lay off the Greeks. They invented civilization.
Det. William Moreland: Yeah? Ass-fucking, too.
Dennis 'Cutty' Wise: The game done changed...
Slim Charles: Game's the same, just got more fierce.
Brother Mouzone: I see you favor a .45.
Omar: At night I do. And I keeps one in the chamber in case you ponderin'.
Det. James 'Jimmy' McNulty: [during interrogation] No name, huh? Well, for now, we'll just call you Boris.
Sergei 'Serge' Malatov: [sighs] Boris. Why always Boris?
Det. James 'Jimmy' McNulty: All those mopes in bracelets and not one of them named Osama.
Det. William Moreland: [repeated line to McNulty] Happy now, bitch?
Lt. Dennis Mello: [repeated line at end of role call] Don't get captured!

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