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Fun Activities for your Toddler that is Free

Providing fun for your toddler is a must for parents. Parents should let their children have fun because this is vital for their development. Sometimes activities that parents choose entails cash or money but there is nothing wrong with that. By the way if you are looking for great strollers review go here now.

But isn’t it great to do fun things while you are at home and can save you money? Below we recommended activities that can be fun and free but not all of these activities take place at home.

Fun Activities in the Park

Parks are the ultimate place for your toddler to have fun. The wide space and grass will allow your kid to run and roam freely. Aside from this there are many activities to be done in the park, I compiled some of them below:

Fly a kite. Because of the wide-open grassland, the park is perfect for flying kites. You may not be the best kite flyer, but it is a great way to spent time together.

Swimming. This is not applicable to all parks though, but some of free State Park especially near the beach offers this free swimming. Another nice feature is that it has its own lifeguard, so you are sure that you your family is safe. If you don’t like to swim, you can always pack a picnic. It would nice to have some talk on the beach side.

Bike trails. Of course, for this you need to bring your own bike, although some parks offer bike rental, you might want to call for clarification on this. Kids love riding bikes and it is fun to take a ride on the bike trail. You need to make sure though that you brought with you all your protective gear for biking such as helmets, knee and elbow pads for safe riding. Speaking of safety you can read the full review of uppababy minu it is super helpful.

Kickball. This is the one activity that never gets old. I really enjoy kickball with my toddlers. And my kids love this too.